PM SHRI Schools (PM Schools for Rising India)

  • PM SHRI Schools (PM Schools for Rising India).
    Under the scheme, 14,500 schools across
    India’s states and Union Territories will be
    redeveloped to reflect the key features of the
    NEP, 2020.
  • PM SHRI schools will be an upgrade of existing
    schools run by the Centre, states, UTs, and local
    bodies. This essentially means that a PM SHRI
    school can be an upgraded KV, JNV, or even a
    school that is run by a state government or a
    municipal corporation.
  • The PM SHRI scheme will be application-based,
    which means states will have to identify schools
    for upgradation under the scheme.
  • According to the selection methodology decided by the central government, states and UTs
    interested in getting included under the scheme will have to first agree to implement the
    NEP in its entirety.

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